Go paperless

Going paperless is the simplest way to get your energy bill. Instead of a monthly paper bill, you’ll receive an email with your amount due, 到期日期, and a link to where you can view your bill statement. Want more reasons to go paperless?

  • It saves money. There’s no fee for using eCheck, debit, credit or PayPal when paying online.
  • It saves you time. The ease of paying online means no hassle of sorting through bills, writing a check, finding a stamp and mailing.
  • It's more secure. Switching to paperless means you’ll securely receive your bill notification by email.
  • It keeps you organized. You'll have around-the-clock online access, with 2 years of past bills, payment history and energy usage.

You'll need a PSE Online 账户 to sign up, so login or sign up below.



Go paperless

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